Town's party

San Bartolome local holidays

The local holidays in honour of Areatza.

Euskal Jaia

More information about Euskal Jaia of Areatza in this web:

The Karpo and Santa Cruz holidays

Karpo is an outlying area of Areatza towards Zeanuri. This fiesta is held during the first weekend in May. Years ago the fiestas featured goat kid fights, although this tradition has disappeared since nowadays certain laws forbid such activities.

The Santa Cruz fiestas are held during the same period, and the hermitage for this particular virgin is located at the area known as Ellakuria. Curiously, it is located within the municipal boundary of Zeanuri, but actually belongs to the Areatza parish.

San Ignacio Holidays

Tradition has it that on 31 July the local population go up to the Gorbea Mountain to celebrate this fiesta. Before we go up or come down, we can attend Mass in Pagomakurre, at the Nuestra Señora de la Paz hermitage or at another hermitage in Egiriñao.

Young people have begun the tradition of going up to camp on the mountain 2 or 3 days before the actual date of the fiesta, 31 July. This is the only day on which camping is permitted at Pagomakurre.

Tree day

Areatza Town Hall has had a Tree Day for over 25 years. The local custom is to go up into the mountains and plant local trees donated by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. This day is a children.

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