Gorbeia Natural Park


Map of Arraba mountains

Aldape (1,183 meters) is the name of the culminating point of the rocky crest that separates stands out it of Arraba de Egiriñao. It is in fact the closing of a long spur that is come off the Eastern slope of the Gorosteta in Itxina and it shows on the precipice and prey of Iondegorta.
One is a smaller and easy top, but that by the fact to rise in solitaire between the giants Gorbea and Lekanda it is an excellent viewpoint.

The march begins in the parking of Pagomakurre. The ascent does not lock up any secret and is reasonable for any mountain one. She is well noticeable and after 40' to normal step we will surpass the passage of Arrabakoate, to reach the wonderful place of stands out it of Arraba. It is a magical place, perpetually green, surrounded by the rocky one by Itxina, with the hill de la Cruz to the bottom, where flocks of ewes, cows pastan and horses.

An avenue flanked by birches that have not prospered due to the climatic rigors, leads to us towards the Aldape, that appears us in front of. Before initiating the ascent, that is very simple, it is worth the trouble to visit the refuge Angel Sopeña or Elorri, that belongs to the Basque Federation and is open all the year (55 '). He has been remodelado and it offers service of bar. Closely together are the source and drinking trough of the same name, traditional encamped point of when the Gorbea was not Natural Park.

After a short rest we went towards the col that is just on the refuge. It is a grassy ascent, with rest of a footpath that was drawn up for the operation of the mine and that in a moment leads to us until the col known like Gatzarrieta (1h.05 '). To the right, is the first end of the same name that is reached without difficulty (1h.08 '). It does not have mailbox, but excellent views. Once of return to the col (1h.11 ') we cross the rocky one (easy) until reaching the top of the Aldape (1,183 meters) (1h.16 '), pitón limestone hung on Arratia. The end is occupied by several mailboxes and plates, one of them of the Eizmendi Club.

The return to Pagomakurre becomes by the passage of Aldape. She is one marches very calm that in one hour long gives back us to the parking (2h.30 ').
Easy route. With cleared time, within reach of any mountain one. Much cold snow and in winter.