Gorbeia Natural Park


In front of the hotel of Pagomakurre, next to the stone tables, we can observe the arrow that indicates the way. Following the same one, the track takes us to an area of rest surrounded by you have.

Eye of Atxular

04´ Area of rest of the beechwood.

The way, marked with painting, passes to the right of the beechwood. Following the marks we continued ahead towards by the footpath through the depression entering to us in bosquete of firs.

11´ Flooded Zone.

Happening on the other hand high we will arrive at the footpath, and there, following the painting marks, we will cross the pine. It is necessary to be very kind to the way not to lose itself since in the pine the marks are little.

21´ Rocky place.

When arriving at these rocks and to the right, an old dirt road exists that continuous upwards until finding surrounding. From we will follow here by the left to leaving to a pastizal. We will cross it until finding us with the way that goes of Urigoiti to Arraba. Following this way towards the right, we arrived at a depression which accedes a stream. We will leave the way and we will raise the left by the way that passes parallel to the depression.

33´ Flowing.

We will find a spring hidden from where we can see the Eye of Atxular already, one of the ways of entrance to the bulk of Itxina. Following a little upwards and throwing to the left, taking a way that raises in zigzag, we will arrive by rough estimate from Atxular.

46´Eye of Atxular.