Gorbeia Natural Park


We started off from Areatza; a track that leaves the Church in front of and happens next to the fronton leads to us until the Inn of Pagomakurre after 9 km of route. From it divides the way here that with light bumps will take to us until you stand out them of Arraba.

Mountains of Arraba

From Arrabakoate (entered you stand out them) we went towards the right (in direction the West) you stand out ahead. We began to overcome directly towards the rocky, well-known horcada one like Passage of Igelarantza or Arrabatxu. We crossed a small depression and we entered ourselves in the bulk of Itxina until encountering over a small landmark of pedra painted over red, which separates the municipalities of Orozko and Zeanuri.

From here, instead of taking the footpath of the right, we continued walking few meters by stands out it, to finding us with "cairn", located before arriving at the ruins of a pastoral txabola. "cairn" indicates the footpath to us to follow. In ahead, the itinerary is signalized with red painting marks yellow and, reason why it is quite simple. When leaving the hoisted one we will raise by inclined ones you stand out and at the moment at which it comes near to rocks, the way turns to the left to avoid a rocky projection and to happen to another one stands out. From the itinerary it is lined up here directly towards the top of Lekanda, crowned by a mountain mailbox.