Gorbeia Natural Park


MapWe left from the Church of Areatza (1) directing next to the fronton and the river to us until arriving at the crossing of Txamarrama (2), next to the cemetery. (10´)(0,5 km).

By the right and surrounding the cemetery, tomarermos one crushes asphalted that in strong slope will take to us until Akarate (3) after leaving Atxabala and Martxondi Goikoa. (50´)(2,6 km).

We will cross the fields of the small village by a way, and soon we will turn by the right by a footpath. Crossing next to another small village?Perretxikozabala- it will take to us until the track that delimits the Natural Park of Gorbeia, in the zone of Monte Upo. (1h 05´)(3,2 km).

We went to the right, entering the forest, until arriving at Upokosagarra. There we will find the refuge municipal that normally it is closed. (1h 20´)(4,2 km).

In Upokosagarra we will walk with care, due to the numerous tracks that have opened in that place in the last years. By our left, we will take one that lowers smoothly and in clear zigzag, until leaving us in the area of rest of Upokomakatza (4). (1h 35´) (5.2 km).

Here we will take the track downwards, entering to us in the valley, until after a great curve and to our right we find a stone track. (1h 50´) (6 km).

Taking this track and without losing it we will arrive until Elorribi, (5) we will cross between the caeríos, and at the end of his it stands out and to the left we will take a footpath. (we do not forget to close the fences that we find). (2h 30´) (8 km).

We will cross a pine, and after lowering by one recent deforestation and or a track next to a river, we will arrive until the bottom from the valley next to the river Upo. Cruzaremos a Canadian barrier and a bridge and will arrive at the limes dealer. (2h 45´) (9.3 km).

Leaving the river to our right, we will raise by a footpath that takes to us until the Uparan small village (6), where we found the track that leads to Areatza from Pagomakurre. (2h 50´) (9.5 km).

Lowering by that track we will arrive at Areatza (3h 10´) (10.7 km).