Gorbeia Natural Park


Map We left from the church of Areatza.

Leaving the fronton to our right we followed next to the river, until arriving at the crossing of Txamarrama, next to the cemetery. (10´)(0,6 km).

We continued by a asphalted way that ascends until the district of Martxondi-Bekoa, leaving the cemetery to our back. (25´)(1,3 km).

Before arriving at the small village of Martxondi-Bekoa, we will take a way that enters the mount our left, and after crossing a fence we will arrive until a culvert. (27´)(1,4 km).

Next to the culvert, we lower entering to us in a pine by a small footpath that will lead us to ampler other. By this one, at the right, we will arrive at the small village of Oilagorta. (35´)(1,8 km).

We lowered by the way asphalted, until finding other that we will take towards the right and leaving a pair from small villages to our left. (50´)(2,5 km).

In the second small village we will take a small footpath that, by the left, descends until the river. (55´)(2,7 km).

Next to the river we found the old places of lime manufacture, and crossing the bridge of the Upo we will raise by a track. Later, crossing a pine, we will arrive until the zone of Elorribi. (1h 20´)(4 km).

Continuing to our left and without losing height, by a track we will arrive until the col of the Birgun mount. (1h 40´)(5 km).

We will take to the left by a stone track and earth later will become one of cement, and border the mount will back take by Larraskitu until Areatza, leaving the district to us of Launtzain. (2h 30´)(8 km).