Gorbeia Natural Park

Gorbeia snowed

In front of the Church of Areatza and next to the fronton, a forest track begins that allows the approach us in car, during about 12 km, to the recreational area of Larreder, until the 800 meters of height, where we will leave the cars. To continue ascending by the track of characteristic similars.

25' Pagomakurre.

Here is the inn. Finalized the highway, it follows a track spotted that leaves to the right, bordering partially the small house that there is opposite and continuous in South sense with light bumps, ascending until you stand out them of Arraba, where the land is more level. 

1h 05' Campas of Arraba.

We followed the track of the left bordered by trees. Dekjamos to the right the refuge of Elorria and we overcame stands out it until finding a footpath that ends at a carretil way, in South direction, bordering the rocky ones of Gatzarrieta. Once crossed this one, we can front observe the set of Egiriñau with its beautiful hayedo. Leaving to the right several shacks of shepherds, we went to this, descending by the footpath qeu by means of you stand out them low to a spotted way that penetrates in are them.

Campas of Arraba


1h. 30' Refugio of Egiriñau.

Located to the right of the way. It continues the excursion ascending you stand out above in South direction, overcoming a strong slope where the narrow footpath breaks through in the middle of a lowest part of valley that forms in united between slopes of Aldamin and the Gorbeia, until reaching the part superior to the feet of Aldamin. Once surpassed the slope, we left to the left the Aldamin mount and continued ascending directly towards the top of Gorbeia.

2h. 20' The summit of the Gorbeia


One last effort and we reached the summit of the Gorbeia (1,481 ms) with its famous cross. A table of near direction will help us in the identification of a good number of mounts.

Summit of the Gorbeia